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Icon Valley is an organisation that consists of experienced and
passionate individuals who are working to innovate the development and
construction industry of Pakistan.


Iconic Lifestyles

Icon Valley is a business that has developed several property and residential projects in Pakistan since 2008. Revolutionising the world of comfortable living, it works to provide affordable, but magnificent villas and plots for sale in Lahore targeted to middle and lower income groups. With its projects located in several urban areas, Icon Valley offers its versatile clientele the opportunity to buy and rent top quality houses, villas, commercial shops, and luxury apartments in Lahore. Whilst these projects are still being innovatively developed to encompass a contemporary, modern living style, there is already a large number of residents happily settled in our communities, whether it be our villas or apartments for sale in Lahore, living the iconic lifestyle we aim to deliver.

Icon Valley’s projects are also actively contributing to the solution for the Pakistan Housing crisis; a major national problem that has worsened in the past few years and is predicted to worsen in the near future due to population increases. With a current shortage of 10.3 million housing units, mainly in demand by those of weaker economic status, Icon Valley’s expanding projects and development of residencies for middle and lower income groups is an effective path to meeting the growing demands for living spaces and plots for sale in Lahore. The contribution to this nation-wide issue is in line with Icon Valley’s values of integrity and transparency when it comes to its vision to provide Lahore’s citizens with comfortable, secure, 21st century style luxury living in its communities, and let them be able to choose as they wish from our different sized villas and apartments for sale in Lahore depending on what will accommodate their families the best.


Icon Valley is an organisation that consists of experienced and
passionate individuals who are working to innovate the development and
construction industry of Pakistan.

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Our vision is to become the most truthful, transparent and consumer-friendly group in the Pakistan real estate industry. All of Icon Valley’s dealings are done in a trustworthy way and all our employees value integrity and openness.

We aim to become a highly distinguished, world-class, property developing company that constructs breathtaking living spaces and builds secure and comfortable communities for our clients to reside and live peacefully in, whether it be our villas, plots, hotel rooms or luxury apartments in Lahore.


Our mission is to become the leading market of real estate in Pakistan by providing plots for sale in Lahore as well as residential properties like villas and luxury apartments in Lahore of the finest design, in societies that reflect the elite lifestyle of living in affordable luxury.

Our array of projects have the ability to close the distance between the current and ideal state of the Pakistan housing crisis. They will also work towards bettering the national economy by creating opportunities for employment and businesses, whilst simultaneously creating more sophisticated and advanced societies.


We at Icon Valley first and foremost value our customers and meeting their needs. We aim to provide the most astonishing houses and luxury apartments in Lahore, that have the most beautiful designs. We also aim to develop amazing, novel, modern societies that offer the best facilities.

We value bettering the landscapes of Lahore by constructing green spaces that contribute to both leisure and organic vegetation, improving the environment and beauty around our living spaces.

We value openness and honesty in workmanship. Our company is built on integrity, trust and goodwill and we keep these in high regards in our organisation when running all of our projects.

Diversity and Innovation

Icon Valley strives to become the lead in the market of real estate in Pakistan. Therefore, all properties are designed innovatively and with a contemporary and novel design, in a way that enhances their beauty and optimises the use of space to give an open and spacious style to our villas and apartments for sale in Lahore. In all of Icon Valley’s Projects, the best interior designers and architects are employed to create the most remarkable properties, landmarks and structures so we can rise to the top of the real estate market in Pakistan with our advanced and latest ideas.

The array of Icon Valley’s Projects and what they offer contributes to the vast diversity of this organisation. Villas, plots, hotel rooms, commercial shops and apartments for sale in Lahore are all available across our projects. We also have all the facilities and amenities you could think of, from no load shedding and top-notch water and gas supplies, to a spectacular sports and leisure centre with a large variety of activities, to a beautiful, cultural masjid with amazing architecture and accommodations, and so much more. Icon Valley is an organisation constantly growing, expanding and improving to become the best version it can, using the most pre-eminent ideas, designs and materials to best develop our plots for sale in Lahore to ensure our clients have the best possible homes and get to experience high end, but affordable, living in our lavish villas and luxurious apartments in Lahore.